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The UCSC invited Dr. Brad Harrub, of Focus Press to the MSU campus. The purpose was to examine biblical and scientific evidence of dinosaurs. This was an opportunity for all to learn something new and for us to grow in our faith. If you missed the event on February 7th at 7:30 p.m., please view the recording of the lecture here.


While the toll of campus life weighs heavy and you push toward your future career goal, we offer spiritual support. College is a time of defining one's self, and in the process of soul-searching and finding your identity, we are here to help you grow your faith in God. Helping you find your place in His will and guiding you to the future.


You're encouraged to be involved in our many activities throughout each semester. Your involvement is not only beneficial to your own faith but you are an encouragement to your fellow brothers and sisters. The UCSC is a beacon of support and encouragement that you are openly welcome to join.

New Student Form

If you are a new student and would like to get involved with our group, please fill out this form. We would love to get to know you better.

Bulldog Blitz

At the beginning of each semester we like to start out strong and eventful. We have a number of activities from sports and games, to singing and devotionals! This really is a great way to kick off your semester. We hope to see you! View the activities list here.

Not just a Bible class

So you've made it to college... That implies that you have some initiative to expand your knowledge. The UCSC offers many opportunities to learn more about God and His word. Check out all the ways you could get involved here.